The result will invigorate you. Yellow has a clean, refreshing appearance and master designers can envisage how this eye-catching colour can transform spaces into private sanctuaries. When your bathroom is your personal oasis, maximising an atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation is imperative. Yellow is uplifting and beautifully captivating in true full colour. Californian inspired interiors, spaces hinting Havana and lavish loft style conversions with centrepiece kitchens – all can create an atmosphere of intimacy and style with yellow as an accent wall or with carefully coordinated colour fixtures and fittings.

Our Yellow finish is a powder coat and available for all of our Icon tapware, fixtures and accessories to add to your creative vision. From sleek designer kitchens with yellow cabinetry to ultra minimalistic bathrooms with select colour, the Yellow finish brightens your modern mixers and fixtures – enlivening the space for all.