When conceiving your vision, you may be seeking a pop of colour for the final touch. With exciting inspiration and a vivid imagination, Orange can really enhance the mood you’re striving to achieve. The level of vibrancy is your choice. Used strategically with a contemporary combination with white as the dominating colour throughout the space, here the use of Orange comes into its own and the interior design turns stimulating. Modern, minimalistic kitchens and bold bathrooms enjoy this approach with the Orange finish for tapware, mixers, showers and accessories from the Icon range.

Orange can be fabulous fun, unexpected, warm and striking. When used exceptionally by design connoisseurs, this powder coated finish can stir the senses – painting an almost subliminal reoccurring layer of renewal over contemporary spaces; engaging guests with warmth and refreshing inspiration. When it needs to be that one critical accessory with intense colour, consider a bright orange mixer carefully placed between a beautiful white basin and a dramatic designer backdrop.